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For 15 years our core business has been B2B appointment setting and lead generation. There is no one size fits all approach to B2B telemarketing, we don’t generally differentiate between an Appointment setting campaign and a Lead generation campaign what we do however focus on is what’s important to you and how we can most effectively deliver you the strongest Return on your Investment.

Our in-house telemarketing team love to get feedback from our clients to hear about great appointments and new business wins. Ultimately that’s what is all about for you, you are growing your business, increasing your profits, for us we have deepened our partnership and continue to work with.

We would love to work with you if you’re serious about:

  • Business Growth
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Looking to follow up leads & enquiries
  • Launching new products and services

What we do is not complicated but it does work?

We have all the robust systems and processes that you would expect from a professional telemarketing company, when combined with our intelligent telemarketing professionals then you will have the confidence that your brand is in great hands.

We are selective about who we work with both in terms of the Industries we serve but also the it’s important that our values align. When WE ARE YOU, we seamlessly integrate with your team and deliver great results. 

Our Process

Your Market

  • Market Analysis
  • Target Profiling & Data Sourcing

Campaign Briefing
& Training

  • Define Campaign Objectives
  • Understanding company background, industry, service, USP's & proposition
  • Refine proposition & qualification criteria

Set Up

  • Data & Email Set Up
  • Script Writing
  • Campaign Appointment Portal Set Up


  • Account Management & Reporting
  • Focused analysis allows us to continually assess & improve our approach
  • Diary Management through our bespoke Campaign Appointment portal


  • Analysis for campaign results looking at market trends
  • Assessment of results & pipeline opportunities
  • Recommendations of continued success

Test it, prove it, scale it.

Like any successful marketing, B2B Appointment setting and lead generation done properly should cost the business nothing. In the first instance however we must prove the concept and tailor our campaigns to deliver the best Return On Investment for you then we scale. We will always advise our new clients start with a pilot campaign. We will learn from your experience and expertise in your market and add our wealth of experience in marketing and business development to get the pilot. A successful pilot will prove to us and our clients that the telemarketing activity will provide a positive ROI at which point we scale.

The Customer Journey:

It is so important that we understand your customer journey, before starting a campaign we will spend time with your business, work with you to map out your customer’s journey from a line of data that has potentially had no previous interaction with your brand, through each touch points, turning that line of data into a lead, nurturing that prospect until the time is right to set a fully qualified sales ready appointment. This is still just the start of the process, we can offer our support to assist you to turn that appointment into a client and ultimately an advocate for your business.

  • A personal approach to engage potential consumers
  • Tailor made, cost effective solutions
  • Continuous opportunities to drive sales
  • Insight into how to identify a potential customer
  • Ongoing support and advice

We initially began with a pilot and were so pleased with the volumes of leads and appointments generated

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